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English Guide to starting utility in your new home

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Are you moving in a new home and need help for activating power supply? Call
0720 1155 70 (Mo-Fr from 8 am to 7 pm) or let us call you back. We find a cheap electricity supplier for you and do all the administrative procedures as a free service.

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Finding a cheaper, quality provider is easy with

Are you moving in or relocating here to Austria? Do you worry about your forthcoming power supply and all the administrative procedures that it means? You may here find some useful tips in order to start utility services at home ! Follow the steps to get power activated.

First important thing is to be sure that your apartment will be supplied with gas or electricity when you move in. You have to register to the energy supplier of your choice within the compulsory deadlines. Good to notice: do not immediately focus on the basic fares offered by the first local supplier. You may find less expensive elsewhere! Here in Austria you have the option of choosing an alternative provider. There are way more affordable and can supply you with reliable energy power.

Register with a cheaper utility provider We'll help you registering with a cheaper energy provider - it's easy and takes just one call
: 0720 1155 70 !

Activate power at home

In order to get power activated at home you will have to sign two different contracts. One with the electricity supplier and the other with the grid operator.

Let’s start with the supplying contract. In order to get electricity service, you have to activate an account with an energy supplier. Across the whole of Austria you have the possibility to choose between more than 30 providers for electricity and 40 for gas. Do not hesitate to make comparisons ! You will be sure to make the most appropriate choice in terms of prices and performances. You may contact them per email or by phone. Ask them to send the necessary contractual documentation. The power-supply contract itself is to be found on your supplier’s website. You may send it directly to the customers’ office.

The energy suppliers offer more and more to their new clients to use the alternative online-form. It would be easier and more comfortable for you to fill it out at home and then send it per email. Signature is not mandatory: you will receive a confirmation link, which will serve as authentication. From a legal point of view it does have the same value as your signature. The confirmation link will be sent to you automatically in the few minutes following the mailing of your registration form.

Your new energy supplier will often offer you to notify directly your registration (or deregistration) to the appropriate network operator. It will save you a lot of time ! The only thing to do is to grant your supplier the authorization. We however advise you to contact personally your network operator. Once the contract has been signed you may sign with him a network access contract. We'll find you a cheaper utility provider and register you right away. Just call us:
0720 1155 70

As for the second contract (the one for the grid usage), you are not free to choose your own operator. Your apartment is already connected to a given operator, which is responsible for taking care of a secure supplying. You may contact them at any time in case of disturbances with your electrical network. You have to notify them when moving out/ in.

Finding the network operator

Woman on telephone

You can register easily by calling

n most regions of Austria you will find a plurality of network operators for gas and electricity. It is not obvious to know which will better answer your needs. You may call directly one of the operators or one of the electric energy suppliers and give them the so-called Zählpunktnummer (the reporting point number). Here at Stromliste we have drawn up a list of these operators that might help you with your research. You just have to check back on our rubric dedicated to “Your network operator”.

What kind of information do I have to give?

Your new electricity supplier will ask for personal information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your birthdate
  • Your email
  • Your bank account data
  • Your yearly power consumption of the last accounting period
  • Your counter reading
  • Your Zählpunktummer (that is : reporting point number)

Zählpunktnummer This Zählpunktnummer, meaning the reporting point number, is a 33 digit number that you can ask to your operator or find out on previous electricity bills. We find a cheaper provider and handle the registration for you - for free. Just call
0720 1155 70 !

Need some help?In case you need help finding a provider or with the registration, we hande both! Just call us
: 0720 1155 70

How do I register or even deregister from my previous electricity supplier and operator?

Required delay to registration is minimum 3 weeks before relocation. If you are not able to find the electricity supplier within that timeline, you can always return to basic fares. They will however cost you more than what you could have obtained with your own electricity supplier. Note : a minimum of two weeks with these basic fares is compulsory, before you are legally authorized to cancel.If you are switching to a new energy supplier, you might need the cancellation of your previous contract.

Do not forget to deregister from your previous operator (the sooner, the better!)

Since both gas and electricity markets have been liberalized in Austria, consumers are now free to choose their own suppliers. But what does that mean for you? That means you will be able to save money from your electricity bill. Even if a change of registration is likely to vary from one provider to another, you will find on the page below a few information about how to choose a supplier that will suits you.

Boxes moving new flat

Moving can be drag! Switching your energy provider isn't with


Step 1: How to find the right energy supplier according to your own needs?

Checklist before contacting any suppliers:

  • Identifying your annual consumption
  • Finding the right provider
  • Picking out the right tariff


Step 2: How to contact your energy provider and get an offer?

Have you already collected all your information? Follow the steps to reduce in the long run your electricity bill and switch your energy provider!

How to contact these electricity supply centre. First of all you may go for the closest customer service centre, call them or even fill out the form you should find online. Most of the suppliers grant a bonus to their new clients, do not let the opportunity fly away ! However keep in mind that your forthcoming bills will be sent to you exclusively through mail or will be available on your client portal.

Be sure to gather the following documents and bring them for your registration:

  • Your exact address (incl. door, floor, street, zip, city)
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The number of your electricity meter and its precise reading
  • Your bank data (IBAN and BIC)

Stromliste is here to help you during the process!

In our “Becoming a client” you will find different details you should pay attention to in case of transfer to one of the 130 providers in Austria.

In 90% of the transfers your new provider will handle by themselves the cancellation with previous supplier. In case of relocation, we recommend you to read our article entitled “Was tun bei einem Um- bzw Einzug”. You may also have to contact promptly your network operator in order to complete your transfer as quickly as possible.

In order to facilitate such a process we have also collected here a few informations.

Historic suppliers according to your region

City Region Provider Phone number Alternative providers ?
Vienna Vienna Wien Energie 800 500 800
Graz Styria Energie Steiermarkt +43 (0) 316/9000
Linz Upper Austria Energie AG 0800 81 8000
Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg AG +43 (0) 662 8884 0
Innsbruck Tirol TIWAG 0800 818 819
Klagenfurt Carinthia KELAG +43 (0) 463 525-8000
Villachs Carinthia KELAG +43 (0) 463 525-8000
Wels Upper Austria Energie AG Oberösterreich 0800 81 8000
Sankt Pölten Lower Austria EVN Energieversorgung Niederösterreich 800 800 100
Dornbirn Voralberg VKW +43 (0) 5574 9000

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